Monday, June 24, 2013

Penang trip

                  Opps...Apologies that I rarely update my blog. Well, today I gonna share about my Penang trip! Even though I had already came back for few month already, I still posting it. hehehe..Sorry! I was been there around 4 days 3 night with my college buddies! It's fun and enjoyable!! For financial problem that wasn't a big deal for us, because we stayed one of the buddy's house for few night so quite save a lots. As we knew that Penang is a "Heaven of food" place so we went there for try something new environment and yummy foods!! Let's have a looked where we have you go >>>>>>>>>>>

     This is Penang bridge view.
Star cruise depart in Penang!

Street food always look dirty but taste superb good!

This is just opposite the food court view.
Batu Ferringhi beach view! shooted by me! 

He is so pity! always bully by us :)

Kek lok si temple in Penang outside view!

There are many small store selling stuff in the way we walk into Kek Lok Si.

Stone edge!!

The overwhelming Penang street Art wall.
The biggest and the nicer St. Anne church!
Finally know how to play Ma Jiong!! hehe..
That's all...Enjoy my blog! Ciao...

Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 first blog!

Hurray!!! Chinese New Year is coming!!
Wish to get more and more Ang Pao!! hehe..
In the first month of the year, I was met up with my buddies and high school teacher!
We used to communicate with teacher like friends 
And coming this Saturday which means tomorrow, I gonna meet them again!!
We will gather when we are free....
I will share it on fb or instagram when I have take photo with them 
Last sunday I was spending time with family, we have made Kuihkapek together!
After done Kuihkapek, my sis called from UK and said that she wants us to send her CNY cookies~
Because she miss Malaysia food so much, and craving for it 
This is a New year and New life for us!
So hope everything will go smoothly and successfully~
Try my best to get good result and off to USA soon!
At last, wish everyone take care of health and wealth, because weather is HOT and social has been sick.
Take care and Good Luck  


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Friendship Never End :)

Wow! Its 1st day of DECEMBER!!

 Time flies  

My final exam is around the corner!!
Wish I can get A and B in these all subject to push up my cgpa.
After finals, is time to release my stress!!! hehe...
Anyway, I miss my friends so much!
Especially those who are studying in Taiwan right now~
Farewell gathered made a lots unforgettable memories!!!
Wish you all have a good and bright future, get excellent results and REMEMBER take care of yourself..
No health No money   

@Kyin @Jing Nee @Sting Ong Study hard ya!! Miss you all 

Here are those farewell photo :D

Roasted Chicken wing really Delicious!!!

That's all :) 
Have a nice day..